Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Regular Days

real life 8-22-12 collage

Anna ran into her awesome third grade teacher on her "adoption day" when I took her to lunch at Panera. (and her teacher was adopted...)how cool is that!

Shopping for school supplies

Abigail's drawing of mommy, daddy, anna, and grandma at a mermaid party. "Jesus is up on the cloud in purple." (oops, not sure why picsa cropped the picture) 

Cousins joined us at the pool for the day

WII... I took a picture because I HATE Wii. It's BARELY allowed in our house so I thought I'd take a picture to commemorate the occasion.


Abigail's learning to read and reads with daddy every night

And just because this picture makes me smile. Remember being so excited picking out school supplies?


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  1. Love this post,Tara. I love to see a glimpse of others normal daily lives! Love the dentist shots! Have a great day!