Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I know what you're thinking... how long can this go on? These Annie posts. This is the LAST. It is. But this is also the most exciting night.

You can tell just by looking at my girl!

5 collage

This is Abigail and my Dad, her grandpa. I knew that after the show the stage would be filled with people taking all kinds of pictures and the set would be Warbucks Mansion so I had Abigail put on her orphan costume (even through she starts the show with the orphan pajamas) just so I could get these pictures.




Love this one. And love them together.


When the audience started filling up Abigail was really beaming. Especially when it was filled with pieces of her heart.


and this...


My Dad has always, always had the cast join hands before each performance. Wished I taped it. But I think I can remember forever since I've heard the uplifting talk for 42 years.


He tells them that this one a very special night. That "it's going to go by so fast. You'll hear the music, the curtain will go up, the show will start and then it will be over. Just like that. It goes by so fast."

He tells them to have fun. To enjoy themselves. To laugh. To give it their all. And to feel grateful.

He talks for a while them about feeling gratitude for being able to be a part of something wonderful.

And then she says it's time to close your eyes for a moment of silence. He says you can silently thank your parents. You can thank God. You can pray.

Abigail told me that she thanked God that it was all possible.


And he was right. The curtain when up


and just like that




the fun was over. And we have another wonderful memory to lock away... forever.






Abigail, you will always remember being Molly. You will forever have those songs, those lines, those dances in your heart. You will always have for the rest of our life you first musical and your time, precious time with your Grandpa.

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