Friday, September 1, 2017

Walt Disney World ~ part 7

... so you guys... I'm a 4th grade teacher!  So much to say about that... but first... more Disney!

MK 9

So our first Magic Kingdom day was back here.  Oh how I love the Magic Kingdom!

I'm about to show you a whole day in the Magic Kingdom.  We got there early, spent the morning, left before lunch, relaxed at the Polynesian in the heat of the afternoon, then returned to Magic Kingdom for a late evening of fun!


MK 1

MK 2

Tinkerbell was first on our list.

MK 1

I love pictures of my girls expressions with the characters. I can tell so much from little things I see.

MK 2

MK 3

MK 4

While the girls and Scott went of Space Mountain (not for this mama) I walked about a bit on Main Street. (best part of Disney World)

MK 5

It is so humid in the summer in Florida that the moment my camera comes out of the bag the lens fogs up. On good days I'd remember to open up the lens way before I needed to use my camera. Going from AC in the hotel room to the humid air, it did it every time. But I took these anyway and actually like the look it gives.

MK 6

Love these dancers.

MK 7

Oh and this man that had a vision for a place where families could be together and have fun.

MK 8

MK 10

MK 11

MK 12

MK 13

MK 14

Such a classic part of Disney World

MK 15

MK 16

MK 17

MK 18

MK 19

Back on the Carousel.

MK 20

MK 21

MK 22

After our rest in the afternoon we headed back to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon parade.

MK 23

MK 24

MK 25

These two!

MK 26

MK 27

MK 28

There was Enchanted Tales with Belle where Scott got picked to be a knight.

MK 29

MK 30

MK 31

I love this one of my cute husband.

MK 32

There were snacks bigger than her.

MK 33

And finally, time to find our spot the the Fireworks show.

MK 34

The evening on Main Street is spectacular.

MK 35

I so want to go back tonight.

MK 36

Such an amazing, move me to tears show that can not be captured with photos.

MK 37

MK 38

It was the perfect day.

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  1. I always get teary eyed when watching the fireworks over the castle as well. The show is so amazing and just wraps up all the magic of childhood in just one show! Your pictures are so beautiful Tara!! Wishing you an amazing week back to school this week :)