Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Milestones for a Returning Classroom Teacher

Tonight was Curriculum Night.  In our town (and in each school) there is one evening that the parents visit the classroom without the children.  Teachers give a presentation about the curriculum for the year, classroom expectations, procedures, etc.

I remember all 9 of my (pre stay at home) curriculum nights.  I was always nervous.  For some reason I wasn't this time even though it had been 13 years since I was in the classroom.

Good things come with age. A confidence in presenting to parents even for 45 minutes just me.

Two days ago I filmed the children explaining to their parents the various parts of the room and the different procedures.  Scott edited all of the clips together and created a movie for me to show tonight.  Instead of me doing all of the talking for 45 minutes the students did some.  It was magic.  The parents loved seeing their kiddos in the movie. The kids love making their clips and I loved it too. I sure wish I could post it here on the blog so you could 'meet' my class and see my room all put together but I can't post them online.

curriculum night

I felt so happy when I drove home tonight for the opportunity to be in these families lives.  I got the sweetest email from our curriculum specialist who dropped in during my presentaion.  I love teaching!


  1. What a fun idea! Love love love your dress!

  2. You look beautiful and that video with all your students that you made tells me already that you are an amazing teacher!!

  3. Just how imagined you would be. : )

  4. What a lovely idea! And I LOVE your dress!

  5. That sounds like a great idea! As a parent I would have loved that too. Have a wonderful year.