Thursday, September 21, 2017

Today was Good

We had no school today because of the Jewish holiday.

I loved my quiet house in the morning.  I loved the slow pace.  I loved all of us being together all day.
There are colds going around.  Coughs.  All except for me.  Thank goodness one of us.  I have to stay healthy.


Earlier this week Anna asked for a new devotional.  She didn't want to order one on Amazon.  "I want to look through them.  It's a touch and feel kind of thing."

So we went to the Christian book store this morning and she was so happy.  Which made us so happy. I mean what 14 year old asks on her day off to go buy a devotional?



We stopped at Christmas Tree Shops?  Do you have one near you?  I think it is a New England store, and it's amazing.  Picked up some goodies for us.





Spent the rest of the afternoon going through family emails/dates/calendars, etc.  Feels good to be calendar organized again.

After Abigail is in bed it's time to plan for my fourth graders.  I love to plan.  And guess what?  It's a Friday, that feels like a Monday!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Christmas Tree Store!! We gottem here in Jersey :) Such cute stuff!!! Hope Abigail is feeling better!! Blessings, Lisa from insta :)

  2. Tara,
    I am so happy you enjoyed your little day off! And I love your goodies too.
    Anna is a gem.
    Prayers for your baby girl.
    And I am so happy you are so happy.

  3. I love Christmas Tree Shops too! I was just thinking I need to make a run soon to stock up on holiday items! So glad you had such a lovely and peaceful day!