Thursday, September 28, 2017


I'm amazed at Anna with this transition.


It's hard to capture with words but I know in my heart how much she's grown in her new role since I'm back in the classroom.

She texted me this picture of Abigail. (she walks her home from the busstop each afternoon)

She brought her ice water.

And it was in a cute little mason jar with a sweet paper straw.

It warmed my heart.

File_000 (3)

I'm home only 20 minutes after Abigail most days but it makes me feel so happy that I can count on Anna to give Abigail just what she needs each afternoon. A snack, a chat, a start on homework, and yes, even ice water on warm days.

Some day when they are all grown they will look back at this one year and remember "remember the year mommy went back to be a teacher? Remember when you were at the bus stop waiting for me each day? Remember the funny stories we told, and the silly jokes? Remember the snacks mommy left out with the notes? Those were just good days..."

Yes, it'll go something like that. And that makes me happy.

Thank you Lord for using this time and the one thing I was most scared about to bring two sisters closer than ever.

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