Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Walt Disney World ~ part 9

This was our last day in the parks.  We were headed home the next day.  As sad, so sad as we were to leave this dream trip, it was time to head home for a new adventure.  (especially me)

All I could think about was 8 days.  I had 8 days to set up a classroom before Open House (when the families would visit the classroom)  Was it possible?  I knew that after 13 years out of the classroom this certainly would be a challenge!

But this one last day in the parks was beyond my favorite.  So so wonderful! (the evening especially) I'll post the evening tomorrow since I took oh so many pictures that night.

Another morning in Epcot.  Not in the countries but in Future World (a day of rides)

We went on Soarin again and so many other rides. Turtle Talk with crush (from Nemo) was fun too. There were a few rides that I sat out because well, they were just too much for me. Thank goodness for my no fear daughters that will go on anything with their daddy.

You just can't leave Disney World without meeting Mickey.

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The aquarium is pretty spectacular.

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  1. Great pictures! Love the picture of Minnie leaning in to give Anna a hug. I have loved visiting DIsney World and Epcot through your pictures!