Wednesday, September 27, 2017

~ Our September House ~

I can honestly say 'I don't know how I did it'.  This new 'season' I'm in (in more ways than one) doesn't leave me a second to seasonal decorate but I decided when I took that call and said yes that there were some things that I would not let go of concerning my house.

And this was one.

So didn't take all of the photos I usually do but here some of it is... my September house... right before all of the orange and black comes out for October!  (but first some decorating music)

sept house 1

a little cozy in the kitchen

sept house 2

sept house 25

with a china mug

sept house 26

and cinnamon apple crisp tea

sept house 27

and cake (with a lick I see from my red head I'm sure)

sept house 28

little paper leaves while we wait for the crisp days to turn the ones in our own yard

sept house 29

sept house 30

sept house 37

sept house 36

a wooden lazy susan on the kitchen table in a white theme

sept house 31

milk glass and little creamware animals that make me think of a fall fair

sept house 32

sept house 33

verse of the week that I wrote for my girls but I literally quoted day after day, minute after minute for me

sept house 34

fall in the family room

sept house 9

sept house 12

Tasha Tudor, I collect and love

sept house 13

sept house 10

sept house 14

sept house 4

sept house 5

sept house 6

sept house 7

they are few and faaaar between now, evenings cozy evenings on the couch now... sometimes we don't even get to cuddle up on a weekend... these weekend dates have been all about helping me plan... but these remind me that we have to make the time

sept house 8

sept house 9

apples in the living room / viola room

sept house 17

sept house 18

sept house 19

sept house 20

a shiny red teapot anna gave me a few years ago at christmas

sept house 22

and a cookbook/decorating idea book that is delightful to reread each fall

sept house 23

a little 'joan walsh anguland' on he dining room table

sept house 38

yes, always counting our blessings

sept house 39


  1. looks wonderful my friend! And as you know I love your cute banners you have around your house.

  2. Your home looks so lovely & cozy! Love the milk glass!!! I think I mentioned I collect it & have a piece that you have too! So timeless! And I LOVE those sun flowers in THAT vase! Perfection!!

  3. So lovely! Hope you are all doing well. Enjoy the rest of your week.