Friday, September 8, 2017

Disney World ~ part 10 (the end)

So there are 93 photos on this one post. So worth it... it was the best night ever!

After lunch back at the Polynesian and a swim we headed out for one very special evening.

Special because we had an appointment here.

last 48

And after 4 years Abigail was really looking forward to it. (I was too)

We picked out this beautiful dress before we left. We took the Disney Railroad once we got in the park. It was so super hot. The kind of hot that almost hurts. But we were excited about this last night in the Magic Kingdom.

last 14

last 13

Here's my littlest princess just arriving.

last 15

She had the sweetest 'fairy godmother'.

And Anna who outgrew Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique helped her little sister pick out a hairstyle.

last 16

last 17

It's so so lovely in there. And it's located right INSIDE Cinderella's castle.

last 18

last 30

Abigail decided on a style that was close to Belle from Beauty and the Beast (to match her dress)

last 22

She was chatty and happy and her eyes sparkled.

last 23

last 20

last 21

last 24

I kept thinking that the next time we go to Disney World she might possibly have outgrown this so I soaked in every second and had a smile on my face ear to ear.

last 25

My little princess chatted with everyone.

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last 27

last 28

last 29

last 30

last 31

Daddy's eyes sparkled too as he watched it all.

last 32

last 33

The highlight of the whole trip... picking what color eyeshadow.

last 34

last 35

She's facing away from the mirror and hasn't seen herself yet.

last 36

last 37

last 38

Oh this one.

last 39

last 40

Sparkles and they say "bibbidi bobbidi boo"

And then they spin her around...

last 41

look at her eyes

last 42

last 43

Oh my girly girl, I love you.

last 44


last 45

last 46

last 47

It was hard to pull her away from this mirror.

last 49

last 50

last 51'

"mommy, take one with my eyeshadow"

last 52

It reminded me so much of this movie, Cinderella. The old cartoon one is such a classic and this scene was known to be Walt Disney's favorite of all his movies. (my Moms favorite too)

last 53

After that appointmnt we had reservations ... where? Why Belle's castle of course!

last 54

last 55

It was about a million degrees but we were happy.

I love us.

(didn't Anna take an amazing photo?)
last 57

last 56

(a word about hats... I'm very fair skinned and currently on a medication for few months that makes me very sensitive to the sun. Like SPF 50 on my face is not enough so I wore hats all summer along with the sunscreen that I rubbed in my face. The best sun protection hats I've ever had and love are from wallaroo hats... just thought you'd want to know)

last 58

last 59

We love this restaurant.

last 60

The ceiling reminds me of Anna's bedroom ceiling.

last 61

We decided to take our time on this last evening. We ordered the fun and special drinks.

last 62

And the french appitizers.

last 63

last 64

The food was amazing.

last 65

And so was the dessert cart.

last 66

last 67

last 68

Although we dined in the ballroom *where Belle and Beast dance*, we visited the West Wing.

last 69

And this dark and blurry picture I adore. It's of a little girl and her daddy. She is all bubbily excited to meet Beast from her favorite movie. If I ever make a slide show of photos for her wedding, this one will be in it.

last 70

last 71

Okay, are you ready for this? This was amazing! Tears trickling down my face amazing moment. It's really hard to put into words. I'll try.

You know when you meet a character you walk, stand, look at the camera, and smile? Yup, that's what you do. Except that's not what happened. What happened here was out of a fairy tale. Like a dream in slow motion.

When Abigail walked up to Beast he bowed to her. And then as if in a play that had been rehearsed, she curtsied to him.

last 72

She held her dress and he put out his hands.

last 73

And the Beast danced with my sweet little girl. He took her hands and led her. He danced with her. He did.

last 77

When I watched him stand and smile for the camera with everyone one else before us, he bowed, waited for her to curtsie and took her hands and danced with her.

last 77

last 78

And my little girl knew just how to follow his lead.

last 79

last 80

It was the sweetest thing ever. And I took a thousand pictures.

last 81

Are you ready for this. As if it couldn't get any better, he twirled her. Yes, he twirled my little twirling girl.

last 82

And she went right along with it as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

last 83

She knew just what to do. Dream come true Disney mama moment right there. That one second worth the whole trip. (as Scott and Anna stood in silence with twinkles in they eyes and their mouth wide open and tears fell on my cheeks)

last 84

last 85

Adore this one of her looking right up at him.

last 86

last 87

last 88

He bowed to her at the end.

last 89

And she curtsied again.

last 72

last 74

She didn't want to let go.

last 75

But she looked up, smiled, and soaked in that moment.

last 76

last 90

last 91

Somehow when it was almost over, Scott must have realized that something magical was happening so he took out his phone and got a piece of it.

It was pure magic. And this photo coming is the very last one I took on this trip.

last 92

We had two FastSes passes left and it was pitch dark out when we left the restaurant. Anna really wanted to go on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the dark. And she REALLY wanted me to go one too. (we'd already been on it on a differnet day and I did go on it then... and once was enough for me) but Anna had that 'please mommy' sparkle in her eyes and said something like "I want us allll to go on it for our last ride" So on I went.

And when we got off there was no line so on again! All of us and guess what? The fireworks above the castle had started and we saw them on a rollar coster. It was such an incredible moment to end our trip with. Such such fun!

After the Mine Train we watched the fireworks from behind the castle. I highly recommend it. Everyone is always in front of the castle and it was such a cool night!

We walked slowly out of the Magic Kingdom, back to the Polynesian by boat and that was it. Disney done.  I felt all filled up and all sad at the same time.  Memories tucked away for a lifetime.


  1. Tara. I've been following all your Disney posts and this was my favorite! A magical end to a magical trip!

  2. Oh Tara!!!!
    I love it.
    Love the memory she will have forever.
    You all will!