Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Last Day of School

Hooray!  It's summer!

The last day of school can be a day filled with mixed emotions.  Happiness for sure!  For the freedom that no school brings.  For a change.  For time.  To think.  To play.  To create.  To be together.

But of course that last day makes us aware that another year has passed, another grade.  And in this case for Anna, another school.

I adore the middle school (grades 6-8) in our backyard, literally.  I love that she's walked through that garden gate, under the arbor, and across the field both to and from school for three years.

I've loved knowing that she's so close to home while she's at school.  There was comfort in her leaving elementary school knowing at least I could see where she was on my way in and out of our house each day.

But those wonderful, close to home years are now memories to pack away.  And we will.  Pack them away and remember them.


Usually in her left hand is her viola. On the last day it was a box of munchkins to share.




I remember when we bought this house in 2001 we had to put up a fence for our dog, Chester. I didn't want the fence all the way enclosing our backyard because that school was there. I didn't have a baby yet, and it almost seemed silly to think that one day I'd have a baby old enough to go to that school. But somehow I knew that I need a pretty walk to school. And so an arbor and gate we put up.


Before Scott became an elementary school principal he was a social studies teacher at that middle school and although he'd often drive to school there were many times that he'd walk right through that gate as well.

So this middle school is special to us. Hard to say goodbye to for sure. Since daddy taught there. Because Anna's years were magical there. Because it is so close. Because it is filled with amazing teachers that we are privileged to know.

After Anna came home from China there were many times that we visited daddy as his school. I can remember bringing a picnic basket with Anna on my hip (yes, we walked through that garden gate) to have lunch with daddy. So many wonderful memories of this middle school.


The staff at this school had a HUGE baby shower for Scott and I when Anna came home. They gave her a huge playhouse for our yard and so many special things.

I took Anna dressed up on Halloween to this school when she was a baby.



When I was a little girl, my own Dad was a teacher at this middle school. We practiced our father/daughter wedding dance on the stage of this school. To say that saying goodbye to this school is tough is an understatement.

This was Anna on her very first day of middle school. Sigh.



(2014, first day of middle school)

16 collage


And after I got over that last walk to school I got Abigail all ready for her last day of fourth grade. And I even got the chance to go to her flag closing ceremony.


Abigail's school. And her walking back to her classroom after the assembly for just a few short more hours of school.


The half day of school flew by and before I knew it, it was time for Anna to come home.

last day 3

With a big smile and a huge look of relief on her face.

last day 4

Middle school done! I now have a high schooler!

(Anna on her graduation night last week) (that post is back here)


On the last day of her middle school all of the teachers line up and wave goodbye as the busses pull out. Anna walks out the back door of course so she's never seen this. I've always seen it as I'm driving by to pick up Abigail at her school and wanted Anna to see how awesome her middle school teachers are. So wonderful!

last day 5

And so here we are at Abigail's school, just down the road. Anna and I waited and out the happiest (now 5th grader!!!) came. Such joy ran straight into my arms!

last day 6

last day 7

Home for a snack and a small 'happy summer' gift.

last day 2

last day 1

last day 8

last day 9

last day 10

So the girls ate and I read the two new books aloud. Happiness.

last day 11

last day 12

I love this book. LOVE! And perfect for Anna.

last day 13

last day 14

So we did it. Scott and I. And the girls. Another school year. With all of its ups and downs. Challenges and sucesses. We did it. And now... SUMMER!

(The First Day of School post is back here)

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