Friday, June 23, 2017


How could one week hold so much goodness. I'm not sure.

1. last day of school
2. perfect first day of summer at the zoo and picnicking in a rose garden
3. Scott calling to tell me he's taking off the next 7 days
4. last night's concert

Today is Friday and I'm thinking that these were the most wonderful five days ever. Maybe because of the spring we had. All of the events. All the things we had to get ready for. It doesn't really matter why, I'm just grateful for them.

And the best part is that there are 10 more of these weeks. 10!!!

Last night Scott and I brought the girls to their first big concert. (outside of the hundreds of orchestra ones that they are involved in)

We've been to many Steven Curtis Chapman concerts over the past 23 years. Every time he played anywhere near New York or Boston we were there.

I was introduced to Steven Curtis Chapman as a freshman in college. (1991) when this album was out. (For the Sake of the Call, 1990).

I told the story a little bit way back here on my blog when I told you about my college friend Pam.

I was a catholic girl who was homesick at college. Homesick so much that I understand when they called it home SICK.

And the girl next door in my dorm asked me if I wanted to pray with her.  We did and it changed everything.  She let me borrow her CD 'For the Sake of the Call'.  And I was hooked on this artist.  I memorized every word he sang.  And bought every single album he ever released.

Scott and I went to his huge "Great Adventure" tour/concert.  And Scott was hooked.

And so if he sang anywhere never CT we were there.  Those early concerts for us really helped to lay the foundation for our married/adult/we can't live on my parents faith anymore.  And it was so so good.

When this album came out, I didn't know yet that God would lead our hearts toward adoption.  But he did and I'm so grateful.  A powerful time in our lives.

After Abigail came into our lives and we started to walk down the journey of EoE I can remember having one really bad test result in checking on her disease.   We were so saddened.  Scott sent this song to me the next day and told us all we had to we take another step and trust.

On and I could write and write about all of his songs that had an impact on my faith journey and my life.  But I'd be here forever.

So last night we brought our girls to their first Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I mean, two little catholic girls at a christian, hands in the air praising event?  I was excited.

It hard to put it all into words but amazing doesn't even come close. While his early concert days were more huge tours with huge bands, this concert was him, right in front of us.  He sang songs and wove in stories throughout.  He told the why he wrote the songs he did.  And my girls were captivated.

They thanked me and thanked me for taking them.  I am so glad I did.


He opened with this hymn and it was so beautiful to be in that room.


Let Us Pray (so glad my girls heard this song and this truth)

(yes, we were THAT close)


'When Love Takes You In' about his journey to adoption. I played this song as I read a letter in a scrapbook in 2002. Tears poured down as I listened to this song. With Scott on one side of me and Anna on the other, it felt like a complete circle. I couldn't believe I was listening to this song with Anna not little any more. This song, and all things adoption are so powerfully moving. Adoption is truly a miracle.


Another favorite moment was when he sang 'Cinderella'. Abigail climbed up in Scott's lap. I held that moment so close to me.


It was such an amazing night for our little family. A night to remember all of our blessings, all that God has moved in our life and all that He's entrusted to us.

Our faith grew. We watched our daughters faith grow, and for this night I am grateful.

Can't wait for the next one!

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  1. He has a wonderful voice!! Once upon a time, David and I use to listen to him. I think I even have an old CD of his lying around the house somewhere?? Glad you enjoyed yourself so much!


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