Monday, June 26, 2017

Our House ~ June

our house june 3

For truly I don't want to forget all of the pretty things that I have to decorate, so as June comes to an end I want to get my home pictures all organized.  And then I think, all of you that love your home so much might like a peek into mine.

So here goes... our home in the crazy month of June.

our house 13

The birthday mantle has been taken down and in it's place is a little reminder of our trip last year to Hawaii.

our house 14

Our Family Room

our house 15

our house 16

our house 17

our house 18

our house 19

our house 20

our house 21

our house 22

our house june 17

our house june 18

Viola Room

our house 23

our house 24

our house 25

our house 26

our house 27

our house 28

our house 29

(my view from where I blog)

our house 33

our house 34

our house 35

our house 36

Our Kitchen

our house 37

our house 38

our house june 21

our house june 22

our house june 23

our house june 24

our house june 1

our house june 2

our house june 4

our house june 5

our house june 6

our house 30

our house 31

our house june 9

our house june 10

our house june 11


our house june 8

our house 32

our house june 12

Other little places

our house june 7

our house june 13

our house june 14

our house june 15

our house june 19

our house june 20


our house june 16


  1. I simply adore all of your milk glass!! I actually have 2 of the pieces you have! I collect milk glass! I've got quite a collection!! So pretty, simple & timeless! I've had them packed away cause of my little ones but now that my baby is getting a little older, i'm feeling inspired by you & thinking maybe i'll take some of them out ;) Also, of course I love that By the Shore book! Being born & lived all my life at the Jersey Shore!
    I thought of you a couple of weeks ago! There's a beautiful magical little children's amusement park down the shore in Egg Harbor New Jersey called Storybook Land!! I seriously think every parent should bring there little one! We go every year and we took our little guy who turned 6yrs old for his birthday! Dare I say I love it more than I love Disney!! It so clean & beautiful & enchanting & theme of it all is all the old nursery rhymes! It's magical & romantical! And they even do up during Christmas! Anyway knowing your love of children's books, I thought to myself... That woman Tara & her children would LOVE this place!! lol.. Happy Summer!
    Lisa (hotcoffee4lisa) from insta

  2. Tara I have followed your blog for years and want to thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us. Last year when you were in Hawaii our family was just in the first stages of planning a trip. This last week we had the opportunity to stay at the Moana Surfrider. I fell in love with the hotel and it was a wonderful relaxing trip. I would not have known about the hotel if you had not shared your experience. Thank you for blessing my family with a trip of a lifetime.