Monday, June 5, 2017

I'm Here

Well, I'm not quite sure where the days go. It's been busy. More than December kind of busy. With two daughters approaching the end of their school year and BOTH parents in the education field, we find ourselves allllllll at "the end of the year". Yes, that's good. Good to all by in education. Because we alllll end soon. But man oh man, we alllll have last events, things to finish. The calendar swirls with all good things, but lots of things. We are existing in one day at a time for just a little while longer.

I love my crazy life, but yes, I'm counting the days until I'm a "stay at home mama" again soon. Just a mama. Can't wait!

I have a big ol birthday party to blog, concerts and lots in between but for not all I can muster up is this little clip of Abigail in Whole Food grocery store last week.

Let me set the stage: We were in the store to pick up a loaf of bread to go with dinner and we walked right by the dessert/bakery section. No big deal. While we were in line, holding my hand she said, "One day (with gusto) I'm gonna be able to eat anything in this store. I just (with gusto) know it."

So I took her right outta line and told her to say it to me again so that I could show her when that "one day" comes.

Right now there is no cure for EoE. There are only treatments.

Right now there is no "growing out of" EoE.

But "one day" there will be. "One day" she will be healed. And in her own Abigail, faith filled words, "I JUST KNOW IT"

1 comment:

  1. Bless her little heart!

    Looking forward to (hopefully) catching up in blogland. As I said a month ago, I'm here (sorta).


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