Thursday, June 8, 2017

Anna's Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony

awards 1

A few weeks ago we got a letter in the mail telling us that Anna would be receiving an award at her eighth grade awards ceremony. It was kept a surprise.

awards 3

And so last night we were anxious and so excited to celebrate all that Anna accomplished during her three years of middle school.

It was a very special event and only the children receiving awards were in attendance along with their families.

The evening began with Anna playing the National Anthum in an orchestra ensemble. (yes, that's the only picture I got)

awards 4

And then we waited to hear her name.

It wasn't too long when they announced

The Presidents Award for Educational Excellence 

awards 5

awards 6

awards 7

awards 8

awards 9

Now, we were pretty sure that she'd be recognized for something academic but this one brought tears to our eyes. I grabbed Scott's hand (with Abigail in between us) and there were both tears in our eyes.

The middle school orchestra award.

awards 10

And Scott came home and reminded me today that our town is known nationally for music. So getting the orchestra award in this town is just, well, awesome.

awards 11

And she looked at that award and I know she felt proud.

awards 12

awards 13

awards 14

awards 15

Yes, it was one special night.

awards 2


  1. Oh Anna!
    Your dedication and hard work are clearly evident...
    But just as much is your love for what you do!
    So deserving for my favorite almost high schooler!!!!
    P.S. Hi Mom!
    Know you were proud!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Anna on those amazing awards! What a wonderful way to wrap up middle school!

  3. Congratulations to Anna! What a wonderful accomplishment.
    Also, I love her beautiful dress.
    So pretty!


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