Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Final Middle School Concert

To Anna, her viola has been an extension of her arm these middle school years. Her seat in the orchestra (both the school orchestra and the select school orchestra) have given her safety and happiness. She has had an amazing orchestra teacher throughout middle school who beleives in teaching the whole child, not just the music. And we are grateful. She will never be forgotten.

concert 4

Sunday was Anna's final concert and it was outstanding, moving, and hard to see end. We are so blessed by Anna's music. And this was no exception.

concert 1

Yes, a public school played at a catholic church. The acoustics were wonderful in there and for us as a family, it meant even more that it did take place there. So moving.

concert 3

concert 2

It is oh so wonderful, these "graduating" years. They years when we celebrate all that has gone into learning and growing. But they can be bittersweet too. I find myself tearing up and not wanting the days to end.

concert 5

concert 6

Please ignore the shaky camera. I had the telephoto huge lens on and it's super heavy to hold still. Next time a tripod for sure! Also an echo in the church. Sorry. I guess you had to be there. I need to get a microphone for my camera or my backup Canon 7D

From the Disney movie, Mohana (so sorry about standing in the back of the church which made an echo when I recorded. It was amazing.

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