Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And Then...

It's a good thing that I blog all of the pretty around my house because right now it's not so pretty.

On Sunday a pipe broke in the girls bathroom and we had a ton of water in our playroom. If you've been on this blog even for a little bit you know how much I love our playroom. (as seen in the post back here)

Well as soon as Scott realized it was water it was 'all hands on deck' as we tried to save all of the toys. Not too much was damaged in the actual playroom itself but we have a back room that we call 'feels like new' (when Anna was two or three I started rotating her toys from the playroom to this back room where we had shelves... the first time I took something out of the backroom she cried aloud so happy, "mama, it FEELS LIKE NEW" ... and so because the toys 'feel like new', that's what we still call it)

The toys in 'feels like new' got really wet, but most of them are in clear bins. The girls and I cleaned up those bins as fast as Scott could carry them out of the closet.

So right now our playroom looks nothing like this... but that's okay. It'll get there soon and when they bins go back they'll be super organized!

In the process we decided to 'use the opportunity' since the walls were opened up to fix that bathroom pipe to redo the girls bathroom.

I don't have any pictures tonight, I'm too busy dusting as dirt seems to be flying everywhere, but I'll keep you posted!

Hope you're all having a lovely summer week!


  1. Tara,
    I am so sorry!
    You manage to put a positive spin on this, and I admire you so for that!
    The same thing happened to me once.
    I remember how much work it was!
    And I wish I were there to help!!!!!

  2. Oh, that is a major bummer. Sorry it has happened. As Billie said, you have found the positive in it. Good for you!