Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Starch

I know, it's not your modern day blog post.  But I think it's one of those little things that make life lovely.

I've always loved linens.  And tea cups and flowered china plates and Beatrix Potter figurines and little vases on windowsills.

All things pretty.

I can remember way back when I was first married asking my mom for a certain April Cornell white linen square table cloth when I was 23 for Christmas.

I saw it in the store on display.  It was the only one left so you had to buy it off the table.  Back then there was no money at all for bringing home a white linen table cloth that we certainly didn't need.

But my mom got it for me and I still use it after twenty years.

Right now white linen on our kitchen (everyday) table is not practical on an everyday basis but I do use it on weekends, holidays, and when I feel like we just need something pretty in our day.

Because I can't use that one all the time I've found that little runners, or better yet small square or rectangle dresser linens can be used daily.

One of my favorites are a pair I found at an antique store over 10 years ago.  They have been on my tea table every day since then.

They are worn for sure. The little border is starting to come apart, but extra love and care for these has helped them to last for years.

I like my table linens to be crisp.  So I starch them.  None of that mamby pamby spray starch either.  The liquid kind works the best.


I thought I'd show you what I do.

I start by washing them on gentle.  (dusty for tea being scooped)

When they come out of the wash I soak them in starch.  Like this.


You have to read the side of the starch bottle to find out how much water to mix with the starch. I like mine really stiff so I go with the "heavy" equivalent.

I swish them around in the liquid making sure to cover all of the fabric. And then I ring them out to try to get all of the liquid out.

Then I let them air dry until they are almost dry / kind of damp.


When they are almost dry I start to iron them. Takes no time at all and they come out so beautiful. Stiff and heavy.


Ready for anywhere in my house. Especially my little tea table.


And starching this way makes them last all new looking forever!



A little linen hanging on the stove handle all crisp makes all the difference to me


I love how it brings out the texture of the fabric.


And makes it stand up so pretty!


So there ya go! One little corner of my house that's ready for spring!


  1. When I read the title of your blog post, I instantly thought of Susan Branch! I have never used this kind of starch...but definitely want to!

  2. Oh I love this post and the pictures with it. It brings me back to childhood and my mom...thought of simpler times. I love crisp,and clean bed sheets and linen hand towels. I have spray starch but will try this one.


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