Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Don't Want to Ever Forget

A few 'off the top of my head thoughts' on when they are supposed to 'be so big' because for crying out loud 'she's a teenager'.


I believe that parenting lasts well past diapers and first steps. I see so many parents signing their kids up for EVERYTHING, and sometimes I feel that it's because they want them somewhere else; want something else to fill their time. So it doesn't have to be them (the parent)

Yes, Abigail does Irish Dance. And both girls do viola. But that's just about it.

In the summer Abigail gets to do a musical with her Grandpa as the producer and director. And in the summer Anna rides horses to help with her PTSD.

So, I guess we have some things. But Scott and I are constantly talking about our choices and if they work for our family. Not as in "can you pick this one up?" chats but real talks about "is this the right decision? How much time will this take her out of our house? Will she still have enough down time at home, cuddle time, being read to time?"

I think hormones and body changes and new expectations can be hard on a child. And they still need to be taught, loved, cherished, and guided. And that can not happen through anyone else but Scott and I.

Helping for as long as it takes with high school level math. Snacks, and talks well past her little sisters bedtimes. I don't ever want to forget.

Sometimes we are weary and just plain old tired and ready to sleep. But always we know that this is precious time with her and soak it in as much as we can.

I like to be with my daughters. No, I LOVE to be with my daughters. I love waking them up, the hugs after school, helping them in the morning, filling them with good food. I love bath time and having fluffy white towels ready for after her shower. I plan on soaking in this stage and age. When someone says to me "don't blink it'll go by too fast" I'll say, "nope, didn't blink. I soaked up everything, even 13.

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  1. Good for you!
    Just Good For You!
    You were born to be their mother, you know.
    Missing you.


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