Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Before you know it

Last week a blizzard, yesterday melting snow, dripping off roofs, temps almost reaching 60 with the sunshine warming us from the inside out.  Today those same puddles from yesterdays slush are frozen again.  It's windy and oh so cold.

March is like that. 

But THIS is coming.
pool 8
Pool days, water dripping off her eyelashes day.

Warm in the sun days.  

I've said before here on this blog that I'm a winter girl.  I am for sure.  But every once in a while I accidentally see a picture like that and think, oh that, that might be nice! 


  1. I love this picture... such joy!
    I have always been a winter girl but these past few winters have been long and cold and I have decided that I am more of a summer with my kids home with me type of girl.

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  3. We had the sprinkler out this week for Miss Clementine. :()


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