Thursday, March 16, 2017


For the past two days we have been at home cozy, with both fireplaces going and a swirling snowstorm outside all around us. In other words, pure heaven.

The only way I can describe a snowstorm is that time stops. It's like a time machine, but better. To do lists stop, activities stop, school of course stops, the neighborhood, the street, the town, the state is quiet. And I have my family and my home all to myself. There is no homework, no daddy principal emails, no errands to run... on and on... it just plain stops. In other words, again, pure heaven.

There is NOTHING like a big snowstorm, nothing. I know that some of you who live in warmer places right now wouldn't want a drop of this fluffy white stuff on a Tuesday, let alone almost 24 inches, so I took a few pictures to show you why I adore it.

I think long ago when I was a little girl I KNEW I'd love these big storms with my family and so I went into education so that I'd always have snow storm days without the complication of work. And so convinced my then looking into Political Science one day husband to be to consider education as well. Let's just say it has worked out for both of us perfectly.

So Monday we knew. Knew there would be a snowstorm. Monday was sunny and quite warm for Connecticut in March. But there was a buzz of activity because of what was forcasted for the next day.


They were predicting 12-18 inches in some areas and 18-24 inches in other areas. My kinda forecast! Monday night after bedtime I showered and got on fresh jammies with Scott whipped up what we call "Chocolate Movie Date Night Shakes" They are special to me (because he makes them dairy free and refined sugar free) and are oh soooooo good! Just what this night called for!




It was a the coziest night and so relaxing, the opposite of a typical Monday here. Date night on a Monday... only a snow day!

Slept in later than my usual but still wanted some of the house all to myself.


Hot tea, Bible time, prayer,


Quiet, not a car on the road, not a person out walking.




And then since Abigail knew it was a snow day she woke up bright and early. And I heard, "mooooooommmmmy" from my desk.


During breakfast I noticed that there was hardly any food for the birds left in the feeder. Scott (still in workout shorts) went outside to save my birds!



And the snow started really coming down.



So I started in on the chocolate chip cookie making.


With the warmth of the oven going and the girls playing in the next room, I watched the snow come down from my kitchen window.


Isn't it romantic?

And this on the other window that Abigail was just looking out of less than an hour before.


Around 10:00 it got dark and visibility was less and less.


The wind was howling and the snow piling up but we were happy as could be in our little house (because we had enough gas for the generator in case we lost power)



Looking into the backyard around 10:00 it looked (and sounded like this)

Scott decided to do a few runs with the snow blower throughout the storm instead of waiting until the next day.

Visibility nothing past the arbor.


Chicken and noodles around the kitchen table that had cooked all day.


And homemade cookies for dessert.




There were games and movies, playing and fun.


And the very next day was no school too because it was impossible for the roads to be clear in time for driving. So guess what? We got to do it all over again the very next day. Another day of perfection... how lucky can I be?


I took all of these through the glass door (in front of the warm and cozy fire)


So happy to have had these extra two days where time stopped and I could love on these two girls.




The girls like the sunny/next day/playing part... but I love the actual stormy day best of all.





  1. Love the pictures out your widow with your front light on. They look like postcards. I also love the pictures of the girls bundled up on the slide..:)

  2. Tara,
    You do snowstorms right!
    And I LOVE that you are living the dream. : )

  3. You snow day looks SPECTACULARLY cozy!!!! And how funny is that?!?! My husband went to college for political science, history & education!! I had convinced him as he was entering college that he should be a teacher!!! And how wonderful it would be for him to have the weekends, holidays & summers off!! Altho, he had not really started enjoying the perks having summers off until about 2 yrs ago as he used to have to work a lot during the summer... Maybe I should have actually convinced him to become a principal instead ;) LOL!! Blessings!! Lisa from Instagram (hotcoffee4lisa)

  4. Your photography is so beautiful!! I love seeing your snow days and I am a bit jealous that you get to just stop and enjoy those days at home together, it all sounds so dreamy! Baking, cuddling, reading and all being home is just too perfect. :)

  5. I've just finished reading your blog from start to finish(found you when I was reading BillieJo's blog the same way. I'm not a stalker, really I'm not LOL). What a lovely family and home you have, we are empty nesters now but am totally a kindred spirit with you two. Your girls are so precious. I live in the northwest corner of NJ, and we had the same snow this week. Sitting here now, waiting for another 3 inches(God Willing). And PS one of my FAVORITE places is Ogunquit Maine! I recognized the Marginal Way as soon as I saw your first ME post. If you haven't done so, your father would LOVE the Ogunquit Playhouse.

  6. Oh the snow!!! Your photos are so lovely as is the description of your blizzard. However, I don't miss it. At all. Well, maybe at Christmas, but that's it ;) I loved them as a kiddo growing up in the Midwest. Sledding was one of my favorite past times. And ice skating. ;)


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