Monday, March 6, 2017

Soulful Weekending

But really I could call it "not enough pictures" weekending because all of the good stuff I don't have one picture of.

It all took place at church and well, when I'm really there, getting filled up, I totally forget that my phone has a camera and that I could take it out and press the button. But I didn't.

So why am I writing? Well, because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday happened and I don't want to forget. I want to have gratitude for all of it.

I did take a few pictures on Friday.

Here's goes Souful Weekending

Friday French Toast while finishing a book "shhh mommy, I'm on the last page, could you not walk so loud?"

Weekend 3

Friday night bubbles "It's really okay to USE the 'soap on a rope' that Santa gave you... come on Abigail soon the Easter bunny will be here"


Friday sunshine in my dining room and looking over my planner


Friday late afternoon big clean and feeling blessed to have this place I call home.  Yes, blessings for sure are in this home.


And then Saturday came.

Scott and I got up extra early and left the house to head to church. We are part of a Marriage Preparation Team. And from 8:30-6:30 we were there. It's really a day that we pour into the engaged couples, each team couple taking turns on specific topics throughout the day. Scott and I spoke at 11:00 and it turned out wonderful. I feel so close to Scott and so grateful for the sacrament of Marriage during our talk.

And the rest of that long day? Well, we continue to teach and hopfully inspire those young couples but really (you know what's coming) they inspire me. We pour into them but we are blessed so much more that we could ever give.

Maybe it's because we spend a day (outside of our 'life') reflecting on the gift of marriage.

Maybe it's the whole day that Scott and I get to be together.

Maybe it's seeing their young love and feeling grateful for the journey that brought us twenty years down that same path they are just starting on.

Maybe it's all of it.

And where are the girls? They are at my parents. Eating "the best soup in the world" "way better than your chicken noodle soup" and making pitzelle cookies in her kitchen.

Then my Mom brings them to Mass at 4:00 and it's lovely to be with them again.

Our program lasts until 6:30 and the girls played quietly while it ended.

Things I want to remember:

standing on the alter facing each other with our hands over each others hearts, speaking in a whisper about the gifts in each other, hearing the talks from other married couples on the team, father tom and his blessing and perspective... all of it so so good.

Sunday we had to be back at church bright and early for the Family Program (it's one of the options/choices for Religious Ed at our parish) and it was all focused on Lent.

I spent the rest of Sunday feeling really really tired but oh so filled up.

Ready for a new week with new blessings...

Happy Monday everyone!

(more pictures on the next post, promise!)

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