Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Kitchen, part 2

Part one was here.  That was a lot of words on that back post.

Can I just say first?  (I guess I'm not capable of only a few words)  Out of all of these (too many) pictures the thing I love most about the new kitchen are the people who share it with me.

This post is the opposite.  All pictures.  And really, I didn't mean to leave you all hanging.  It's not that much different.  But I did take a few pictures.  Here ya go...

First the old sink had to come out.

pre 1

Then with drop cloths all over the floor, Scott removed the old counters.

pre 2

And we lived with it kind of like this for a weekend.

pre 3

pre 4

After the counters were installed, Scott did all of the plumbing... installed the new faucet, new garbage disposal, instant hot...

during 1

Did some painting.

during 2

during 3

and more painting

during 4

And after a few late nights it was done. (except that it wasn't... more to come... I just didn't know yet)

not moved in 1

not moved in 2

not moved in 3

not moved in 4

These pictures I took before I moved in.

not moved in 5

I love her.

not moved in 7

She's not a Merritt & O'Keeffe and I had a lot of vintage dishtowel shopping to do to welcome her, but I sure love her.

not moved in 8

not moved in 9

not moved in 10

not moved in 11

And this, I love this too... isn't it romantic?

not moved in 12

Anna says it looks just like a teapot.

not moved in 13

not moved in 14

not moved in 15

not moved in 16

And that husband of mine even found a brass drain cover.

not moved in 17

not moved in 22

not moved in 21

not moved in 18

This oven was here before. It's the turkey oven.

not moved in 19

Scott redid the windowsill.

not moved in 20

And he added this molding to the bottom of the cabinets that just finishes them off; so lovely.

not moved in 23

after 1

not moved in 24

And once we had the molding it was finally possible to have under cabinet lighting.

not moved in 25

not moved in 26

More painting

not moved in 27

And that's how it looks on a very cold, very cloudy day in January. (oops, except I must have taken this before the molding under the cabinets)

not moved in 28

after 2

It took me so long to take all of these pictures I just noticed that the seasonal tree has changed!

after 3

after 4

And slowly I started to move back in. These feet and hands I missed for over a month. But they look so pretty and have never had lights shine on them before.

When I put these back I was home.

after 9

I told the story of my the vintage stove we thought about getting back in this post here.

And Abigail surprised me with this embroidered dish towel for my birthday. Just what this new stove needed!

after 5

after 10

after 6

after 7

not moved in 6

after 8

after 12

And this. My favorite discovery of quartz counters... the way my teacup sounds when I put it down. All of you have stone counters out there know what I'm talking about... kind of like a ping. But I'd never heard it before; such a lovely sound.

after 13

It was good, oh so good to get 'my people' back on the windowsill where they belong.

after 14

after 15

I picked up some new clear liquid soap dispensers for the counter but they just looked too modern. So Abigail went antiquing with me and we found just the perfect soap dish.

after 16

Everything I already had looked fresh and new and was fun to discover.

after 17

and I added a few new things too...

decorated 1

decorated 2

This little vintage porcelain stove came home with me and I knew it was just what was needed. My baby Merritt and O'Keeffe.

decorated 3


decorated 4

... to match this...

decorated 5

decorated 6

Benjamin bunny is not quite sure about that huge new sink under him... what if he falls in... he's chip and ear for sure!

decorated 7

but I can't do dishes without Jamima Puddle duck.

decorated 8

And there you have it! All done. If I took a picture right now you'd see three really ripe bananas next to a bag of allergy chocolate chips waiting for the morning for banana mini muffins, a few glasses in the sink, some viola papers to sign, and dolls on the table. In other words, a real kitchen. One that feeds my family and feeds my soul.

There is nothing as wonderful as home. And nothing quite like the heart of the home.

~the end~


  1. I have been waiting for this post! I love it! I have always loved your kitchen and nook area but now I love it even more! Your new oven and the faucets.. ❤️ You have such an eye for decorating.

  2. Tara!!! I love it! The counters, stove and oh my the sink and the hardware.....I dream of an all white kitchen and yours is perfection. It's amazing and that husband of yours is also amazing but I know you already know that :)

  3. It is absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Oh Tara, your kitchen is just darling...such a beautiful space <3

  5. Wait...
    How did I not comment on this???
    I was telling Steve he had to see your gorgeous new kitchen...
    I know I saw it!
    I must have told myself I needed more time to comment, and forgot to come back!
    I am so sorry...
    But Tara.
    Every last detail...
    Every thought that was in your heart and mind...
    You and Scott are an awesome team.
    Now...what was the first meal you made in that amazing kitchen????


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