Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Today I did the morning (you know, breakfasts, make lunches, clean all that up).
Then I drove Anna to before school Beaux Strings rehearsal.
Then I drove Abigail to before school chorus.
Then I drove to my school were I finally sat down (and taught four 30 minute groups of reading lessons).
Then I drove to my other school where I taught reading some more.
Then I picked up Abigail at her school.
Then I came home and gave the girls snacks.
Then Scott came home and we all went back to Anna's school for her parent/teacher conference (student led, so Anna was in the room).
Then we brought the girls home.
I cooked dinner.
Then Scott and I went to Abigail's school to her parent/teacher conference.
Then we drove to where Anna was in her evening orchestra.  And Abigail was in her viola group class.
I took Abigail home for bath and homework.  Scott stayed while Anna finished orchestra and went to her viola group class.
Then they came home.
I finished ironing the girls Thanksgiving dresses and the tablecloths (because there should be something good in every day)
Then I helped Abigail with her homework.  I made Anna a snack.  I gave Abigail 3 medicines.
I tucked her in and snuggled with her.
I cleaned up the kitchen again.
And now I'm going to bed.

Annnnnnd, all of that was in the pouring rain. (with heals)
6 schools in one day, can I stay home tomorrow?
Good thing I love my little life.


  1. Tara, I am exhausted simply reading that.
    But you. You make it seem so easy.
    You move flawlessly through your day, knowing you are doing what God has a,led you to do.
    You, my friend, are an amazing mother.
    Love you.
    Miss you too!

  2. Sounds like one busy day. Isn't it amazing when we look back on our day to realize all you we fit into one day.


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