Monday, November 7, 2016

November Weekending

I am so glad that God decorated our November so pretty for Thanksgiving. I really don't have to do a thing with the backdrop He painted for me just looking out my kitchen window.



The bright blue sky, the crisp cool air, the leaves under our feet, and many still on the branches holding on.


This cherry tree has been photographed so so many times in the spring. She was given to me by my first grade class many years ago when my Grandfather went home to Heaven. And I love it just as much in the fall as the spring.


This weekend was a good good one. Abigail and I were home on Friday after her endoscopy at the hospital. We snuggled a lot at home.


She was brave brave brave that day.


I love love love love love these nurses who turn pre-op into a party when Abigail arrives!!! They've known her since she was 22 months old and they beam when we arrive. I am so grateful for their care and their love. I love nurses!!


The girls and I decorated their desks for Thanksgiving.



All day Saturday was at home.

This is my run in the early morning. Phone picture. Untouched. Glorious, beautiful world God made.


Now, even though I usually keep my phone pictures really small on this blog I had to post it regular size because I just can't believe I get to run in this!



Scott and I had our favorite kind of date, after bedtime, eating a yummy home cooked meal, chatting, watching a favorite fall movie; we love at home dates.  What happens when there is no bedtime and they are both up after us?  Don't tell me we have to go out for our date... I love staying home.  So thankful Anna at 13 is still perfectly happy to be tucked in bed early on a Saturday night with a book so mommy and daddy can have a date.

Listened to the girls play viola a lot this weekend.

Helped Abigail with her multiplication facts a lot this weekend.


Read along (to keep up with Abigail) a great new book.


The girls always try to write a 'real' letter each weekend. This one was to her pen pal Dane and I adore... don't you just love what she said?


Dreamed of decorating for Christmas.  I'm feeling so done with pumpkins.

We all attended our parishes Family Program (church school) and loved our time together.

Baked and baked some more.


Did a photo session of Anna under one beautiful backyard tree.  (this is just one I took at the end when daddy happened to be outside... I'm so glad to have this one)


Played a family game.

There was laundry and cleaning. And ironing too.

I dreamed more about decorating for Christmas.

I booked our Christmas getaway weekend.  (more on what that is and why we do it back here)  And told Scott all magically on our Saturday night at home date. Can't wait to surprise the girls.

Visited with my parents and planned some food for Thanksgiving.

November weekending is oh so wonderful.

We have a full week ahead.  I have some work/teacher projects to do (progress reports to write) but I'll get them done.  And all of the other things too.

Wishing you all a wonderful election week!


  1. Lovely.
    Bless your brave little girl.
    Always a smile on her face.
    Love your weekend, my friend.
    And yes...those days are coming when the kids are up long after you are!!!
    Have a great week!
    Miss you!

  2. Sounds wonderful...and your view for your run..awww beautiful. Sweet Abigail is always full,of smiles.
    I too am starting to think of Christmas. Everything I walk into a store that has Christmas decorations out my heart starts beating a little faster.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Sounds like a perfect, November weekend! Love all the fall foliage shots. Just glorious!


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