Monday, November 14, 2016

November Weekending

It was a good good weekend.

Anna took a pie cooking class at a local college. It was taught by a real chief in an industrial kitchen. But I kinda almost cried that morning because the best place to learn to bake a pie is with your mother in your own kitchen. But Scott calmed me down with "a friend asked her to go... it's just a fun activity" So I thought of it like that an "activity" not like 'check, she's all set the baking department for life.' And I felt better.

Especially when she came home glowing with all of her pies!!!




She was so so proud of her apple pie!

9 collage


And they were goooood! I was so happy that she spent the day with a friend from church. What a wonderful day!

There was viola practicing this weekend. (sitting like this is sooooo not allowed) but she's trying so hard to get Minuet I (Bach)


And then... hold your breath... wait for it... ready?

This happened!


I know, I know, it's mid November. But I'm trying something new this year... having just this room (our Family room) decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

(I love how she unfolded all of the little holly)

I decorate everything and really it can't be happily done in time to enjoy it all. Usually I start decorating the moment after Thanksgiving. But then it takes me weeks! This way one room will be done and we can enjoy it on the day of Thanksgiving.

(she did this forever while her sister was at the pie class)

And I just adore this season so much. I look forward to it all year long. Looking at the things I decorate with just one month, well, it's just not enough.


And look at how happy it makes my 13 year old to start to bring out the happiest time of year.




And we had forgotten just how magical it all is. When we went out to look at the super moon I saw Abigail peeking into the family room all twinkling.


I'm so happy we did!

Here's to another happy November, leaf crunching under our feet, cozy by the fire, scarf wearing, mittens in the morning week. Blessings to all of you!

Oh! And Abigail wanted to show you how I let her wear pants to Mass today. I know, it's a miracle!!


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  1. My youngest asked if we could go and get our Chrismtas tree this past weekend and I'm trying so hard not to unpack a few decorations but I'm sure they'll come out a bit next week while the girls are off. I just love all the magic the season brings and it doesn't last long enough. I love seeing all your twinkle lights from the outside window. It all looks so perfect!