Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Conversation with God

(a park near my school... I stopped so you could see)

Today was a super gorgeous day.  Sunny.  And the kind when you can wear jeans, a sweater, cute fall boots (crunchy leaves under your feet) and not need a coat.  I am a winter girl, and I love snow (as you know) but weather like it is a treasure.  And I'm soaking it up as much as I can.

This Autumn has been spectacular.  If I could sit down with God.  That is if He ask me; little ol me,

God:  How would you do Autumn? I'm trying to plan in out for next year.

Me:  Well, sure God, I could help you with that.  Do it just like you did in 2016.  You know, the year when the leaves took their time.  They started to change in the second week of October but were sill taking my breath away in mid November.  The fall when you mixed in that day of snow and then gave us sunny and 60 right after?  Do that year again, please... oh, and I know you just asked about fall but please, could we have snow on Christmas?


(just a house in my neighborhood I saw today, I run by it on the weekend. I have total house contentment but man, I think this house up on that hill is just the prettiest thing ever... Scott says we couldn't even afford the slate roof they have... yes, even their roof is out of a movie) 

(and this house, I want to knock on their door just in case they never noticed how their house looks. So amazing that I stopped my car to take a picture of that tree they have and the blanket it's leaves make on the ground)

Right now I'm in my jammies, sipping tea out of a Christmas mug.  It was such a good good day.  Lots of time at home.  That ALWAYS makes it a good day.

I've been putting the final touches on our Thanksgiving tables. Today Scott shined up the beautiful collection of solid brass candle sticks.  They belong to my Mom but they sure look amazing on my table.


Isn't right before a holiday the best part?  Everything to look forward to, everything looking prettier than you tried to create it in your head?  I love the week before.


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