Friday, November 4, 2016

Little Things I Noticed This Week

I noticed one more picture on my camera from Halloween.



I noticed our tree. Oh I love our tree.


And I noticed that our leaves turning in Connecticut are really on the late side this year. Usually by Halloween they are almost all down, brown, and crunchy under our feet. And yet we are still at the point of driving around and oooohhhing over what we see. Especially when the sun hits the leaves just the right way.



I noticed that 'family game night' in the middle of the week is a good good thing for us.


I noticed that her EoE pen pal (post back here) was there for her the night before an endoscopy. When Abigail was in tears in anticipation she was able to face time her EoE bestie!

And here smile says it all!



1 comment:

  1. I am loving these posts!
    Please keep them coming!
    That tree.
    That tree.
    One day I will lay eyes on it in person, right?
    Love your little Abigail. : )