Wednesday, November 9, 2016


* I write my posts in the evening and then set them to "go" on their own in the morning.  I'm editing this in now and have to be honest, I think it's weird that this post is here on this historic day in America.  More on this later, after I write Report Cards and have a chance to blog*

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Motherhood is divine.

All I ever wanted to be was a mother.

Sure, I wanted to be a classroom school teacher just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. But really, really, really, all I ever wanted to be was a mother.

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There are so many 'messy days'; days when I feel caught up in the fullness of life. My mind swirling in a million directions.

But lately, I've learned, and am working at looking up from that swirling and seeing what's before me.


Hearing what they say.

Seeing the 'mess' as beautiful.


And do you know what happens? The swirling stops.


It stops when she's humming a song as she's getting into her jammies.

It stops when I listen to Anna play the viola.

It stops when I look at the husband that built this life with me.

And I am grateful for those moments and in those moments.

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Yes, motherhood is Divine.


  1. I wanted to leave a post on your God Bless America post but I completely understand why you took the comment section away. I just want you to know that I completely agree and yesterday felt like a horrible bad dream!! Just reading your post brought tears to my eyes once again. I am so scared of what is to come when like you said we throw our heart and soul into mothering our girls to be good and kind to all and now someone who is the exact opposite is going to be running our country! I can only hope that things do not go as horrible as we believe and we have to continue to shape our girls into the kind hearted people that I hope are still out there. HUGS!

  2. I love this post. Simple, short & so very true. I grew up in a home where my mother was always "busy." She never took the time to "smell the roses," to sit with me, to play a game or to just stop with the dishes, the dusting or what ever was needing to be done & just let loose.. To just stop & look at me and smile, to say hey, "Wow, what are you playing? I love how you..." Instead or "Make sure you clean up that "mess" when you're done." It effected me as a child. We live in a world that is dictated by time, routines, schedules.. TIME.. Our most valueable asset. One day our little girls will not ask for us to come snuggle them on the couch... The LAST "mommy can snuggle me" will be said & wr may likely not even realize it was the very time it will ever be said... Ever. Savor each moment. Stop what we are doing. Being in the moment with our children AND our husbands is so much more important than any dirty dish or dust bunny beckoning our attention! lol.. Oh the struggle is real sometimes tho ;) But your post is a beautiful reminder for us mamas to just STOP. Sometimes we just need to stop.. And smell the roses :)
    Blessings! Lisa from Instagram hot_coffee4lisa

  3. Btw, I read your God Bless America blog post. I completely understand why you removed the comments section. I just wanted to tell you that both you & Scott are not the only ones who felt that same exact way. Both my husband & I share the very same sentiments & opinion on Trump. We had saved our "I voted" stickers too, saying to our girls how exciting it could be to one day have this piece of history from when the 1st woman president was elected! Sure, Hillary was not perfect & sure I could def go on & on with actual intetegent, rational & factual reasons to support why Trump is totally UNQUALIFIED & just untrustworthy to run an entire county but unfortunately the choice has been made. All I can say is that as a mother, I am mortified.. Shouldn't the person representing us, our people, our country The United States of America be someone with integrity? Someone we can trust, someone we can be sure will take things like vows and oaths seriously AND with honor (unlike his own marriage.) Can you imagine had Trump been a woman, talk about a double standard, they would have never taken "her" seriously. It's sad. Our president should be someone we can call a role model. At the of the day, I believe Trump is nothing more than a shrewd, ruthless salesman.. business man at best, who has & will bully and say whatever people wanna hear to get HIMSELF to the top! I would never ever want my son looking up to our new president as a role model & as for my daughters, woman are worth so much more & should be respected... Melania Trump is going to be our first lady.. I don't think I need to say anything there.. All I can say is that I hope & pray I am proven wrong. Praying for this country. Ulitmately, God is in control & we just have to trust & have faith. Blessings, Lisa from Instagram