Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stay at home Mama for *twelve* Weeks

"'The first thing you must do,'said the fairy, 'is to go back into the sitting room and find my magic wand.  I'm useless without it,'"  H.E. Todd 

I cleaned up my little corner of my literacy world today, said goodbye to colleagues who have become sweet friends, and drove home.

I hung a new little heart wreath I had ordered as a little "you did it... another school year present to myself" above the kitchen sink.  It looks darling. (right there with all of my Beatrix Potter friends)


I walked over to the calendar and counted twelve weeks.  TWELVE WEEKS until I put my clicking shoes back on and step into my little school.


I love what I get to do.  Readers.  Helping them get better and grow.  I'm not full time (yet) but I still put my heart and soul into their progress, their smiles, their self esteem.  I love the little Kindergartners.  I love the fourth graders.  I love all of the ages in between.  I am so very blessed to have just the perfect place to be while my girlies are at their schools.

But I am ready to be a full time mama.  Stay at home (and except for Hawaii... 20th anniversary celebration) I plan on being IN this home a LOT.  There is no place I'd rather be.

I picked up Abigail at school today and we walked hand in hand to the car.  She said, "you're done now, right mama?  That's so good."

Scott had to attend the High School graduation in his town (where he's a principal) so I had the girls all to myself.  We tidied a bit and then played.  We ate a simple dinner.  And then I baked the girls cookies.  The house felt so relaxed.  I could almost feel the walls take a deep breath and let it out.

There will be moments that I miss the September ~ June routine.  But I'll just set up a few summer routines to help with that.  Not now though.  Right now the walls in this house, Scott and I, and our girls... need to breathe.


  1. Happy Summer, my friend!
    Enjoy every beautiful moment. : )

  2. Yay for Summer!!!
    Enjoy it all :)

  3. I love your kitchen window in the light like that.