Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Four years ago my father painted a watercolor of Anna on her First Communion. The moment I opened it I asked him if he would do the same for Abigail when it was her turn.

And he did. He started working on it in the fall. He brought it over to our house just last week. It's a pastel and it's amazing. Based on a photograph that was taken the day before her First communion in a tulip garden.


She's twirling and I love her twirling.


We hung it there just for that night that I opened it (it was all wrapped with a big bow) to keep it safe. The next morning I knew just where I wanted it to hang and moved it right to the dining room. That way I can see it from the kitchen (where I am all the time).


The photos of the painting don't do it justice at all. There's something about it. Old, world charm... I could get lost in it for hours.

Now I have five paintings in my home that my father created. I'm so lucky.



(super blurry picture of me opening Anna's watercolor on Christmas 2011)

untitled shoot-2137


I know I have a better photo of this watercolor somewhere...


Painted from this photo...


I wonder... what could possibly be next?


  1. Ahhhhhh.
    Words won't work here.
    Just. Beautiful.
    Please promise me I'll meet your dad someday. : )

  2. Oh, my goodness, how blessed you are to have such a talented and generous father.

  3. They are all gorgeous paintings! What an amazing gift your father has and one you and your family get to enjoy forever :)

  4. So incredibly gifted! What a talent! I think my favorite is the beach painting.


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