Thursday, June 9, 2016

Her First 'Real' Feis

Way back here Abigail was in her first Feis (Irish Dance Competition) But she was wee little and Scott and I had no idea what a Feis was all about. Although it was a wonderful experience for her back then we kind of decided that we would wait a few years before having her in a Feis again. She had her 'end of year' Celi celebrations, and it was enough for her (and for us)

But this year she really turned a corner with her Irish Dance and really wanted to be in a Feis. So we signed her up.

collage 4

The other Moms told me that this would be a good one for a first Feis experience. Outdoor, not as stressful, more fun.

collage 2

It was a rainy morning but it was nice still to be outside.


They are given a number upon arrival (daddy helped pin it on her skirt)


She was in three dances. The Jig, the Light Jig, and the Real. She studied her steps up until the last moment.


They are given a number upon arrival and we had to find the tent she'd be dancing in. Then when her dance number was announced she stepped onto the dance floor in front of a judge and live Irish music (all music must be live and not prerecorded at a Feis).

The Feis volunteers lined up the dancers.



This is her concentrating on her steps as she waits.


Her classic 'bite the bottom lip when she's nervous' face.


One dance down and two more to go... happiness as she spots her teacher there for support.


Now, we told her, her teacher told her, we reminded her that dancing is for fun, and that it's okay not to 'place'.

But we headed to the scoreboard on the way out just to check. And there she was, her number... she place third in her second dance!


Pretty cool moment for her when she was awarded this medal.


Another teacher she had to show!



I think that means we'll be back!!! (secretly taping on my phone because no pictures, no video during the competitions)

But of all the posts I've ever done on Irish Dance, this one is my favorite... wee little.


  1. She is just adorable up on stage. And your cute outfit...

  2. So CUTE! And what a great job! I hadn't heard of this type of dance until we moved to TX. It's really a big thing here. I kind of chuckle because I was expecting more line dancing or salsa ;)

  3. Adorable! Congratulations on getting third place!!!!


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