Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Anna turned 13

Anna turned 13 on the last day of school. So after this emotional - already day, we celebrated her thirteenth birthday!!!

It's so much fun to watch sisters pick out and pay for gifts now! I loved walking through the toy store with Abigail a few days before looking for just what Anna would love!!


A little grab bag pony. Aparently it was the one Abigail was hoping was in there for Anna!


And then the gifts came wrapped at the store in a bag with tissue but she really wanted to take the present out and wrap it herself.


Happy faces!


shopkins... I don't 'get them' at all! They are so not my thing. I've tried to like those little guys but I just don't get it. When Abigail is spending her own money she can give Anna anything she wants. And the birthday girl happy makes this mama happy!


Anna's 'big gift' was a slick, for sure for a 13 year old, suitcase! We asked her ahead of time and she really liked the idea. Scott picked out the color!


She loved her new, shiny suitcase... but was super surprised and thrilled to see that toy shop bag inside... hiding all the while with toys!


because when you turn 13 you like grown up gifts like the suitcase but little girl toys still too!

"Anna, are you sure you completly checked all of the pockets in that suitcase?"

One more side to upzip


The story behind this stuffed bear is that it is the EXACT bear that Anna helped me pick out for Abigail's birthday. I brought Anna to the toy store in May so that she could buy her sister a present. And I asked Anna to help me pick out a stuffed animal from Mommy and Daddy. She picked this one out so fast it almost jumped off the shelf. So I knew Anna just had to have one too. It totally shocked her!



I'd say she was hap hap happy!

We have quite a collection of these Cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom. I highly recommend them! So well made, quick to play, every one wins / everyone looses together, super family fun!


And Calico's because you can never have enough!


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  1. 13!!?? Oh my, thirteen is such a big birthday, Happy Birthday Anna!!
    I love her gifts and completely agree with the shopkins but the Calico critters I try to talk my girls into wanting them all because they are just the cutest ;)