Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Home in May

This all seems so long ago too. A lot of catch up posts going on here this week! I love that I've had the time to putter and fluff an in my house this summer. It's a wonderful thing for me to arrange flowers, change dishes around, move a picture from here to there. I love it all. Right now all of our windows are open and the curtains are fluttering. My favorite kind of day. With the sky lights and all of the windows in our family room our house actually feels 'wear a sweatshirt' cool in the mornings. We've really had such gorgeous weather this June. I love cool, cool mornings, the windows open. I love the warmth of the afternoon sunshine wearing shorts and a tee. I love the grab a sweater evenings when we sit outside after dinner. I know it's Connecticut and weather in New England is unpredictable. I know that really hot and humid will come some time but right now I'm loving this sweet weather we are having.

What so much pink in a bedroom will do when it gets tangled in afternoon light... "mama! Take a picture of my bedroom right now!"


Just stay little... please... in her after Mass dress, writing to a pen pal











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  1. I love being able to take a peak into your beautiful home my friend..