Friday, October 23, 2015


(winter 2013)

Do you know what I find interesting when I click around in the 'archives' of this blog?  I love and love and love when I see a tidbit of 'history' in the background of a picture.

It's like I was taking a picture of one thing but happened to get in the background without even trying the book  that Anna was reading at the time.

Yes, sometimes I actually take pictures of my girls reading so that I can remember the books they loved.

(fall 2014)

(winter 2011)

(spring, drs office, waiting, 2012)

But better than that is a photo when the book is lying on a table in the background.  Of course right now I can't put my fingers on one of those pictures.  Little treasure of history hidden in the back.

So today, in about two minutes I ran through the house and snapped a few pictures of the books around.  I'm sure I missed a bunch.  But I want to remember these.  On this Friday in October when Anna was twelve and Abigail eight this are a few of the books we're reading.

This on Anna's dresser. Now with a big, fat, book like that why did she tell me yesterday in the last minute we were late out the door all frantic, "I have nothing to read. I have no book to bring!!!" No idea


Scott is rereading this because Anna is reading it for honors English and he's a great Daddy like that.


This is my read aloud to Abigail right now. I picked this up at the lovely bookshop back here. This book is wonderful for a read aloud for the descriptive, georgeous language. I'm actually trying to go slow since I don't want it to end.


Now Abigail. Her reading has exploded. She's always in a few books at the same time. She keeps them all straight in that little head of hers. I found this one... just like this... opened up and ready to jump right back in.


And this one (in the back) she thinks is oh so funny!


I'm reading this bit by bit with Scott. Great, great book.


And I'm reading this too. (the romantic in me loves this book)


Abigail has some poetry going on too.


And she's also in the middle of this. (and this little top of the stairs nook is right now her favorite place to read.)


Both Scott and I have very strong beliefs in reading, education, and children. He, being an elementary principal and me teaching first grade for all of those years and now helping small groups of struggling readers, we have a passion and a love for books. We believe that children who love to read come from homes that foster reading, provide books, make it wonderful, give children places to read and TIME and space to read in their lives. Good readers don't just happen.   We believe in teaching our children the joy, the relaxation, the gift that a book is. There is a time to be busy and there is a time to slow down. And I will always want my house to be one where picking up a books feels not only natural when there is a bit of time but a joy.


  1. Perhaps one of my very favorites, Tara.
    Love of books is forever.
    Love. Love. Love,

  2. 100% agree! We are a house of readers too and I love everything about reading a great book! How is Susan Branch's new book? It's one I've been wanting to get. Enjoy!



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