Monday, October 19, 2015

When You're Ready, You're Ready

When Anna was like three or something "all the moms"  told me to sign her up for swimming lessons.  I thought, "what?"  I dragged it out a year and then signed her up at like five or something.  So dumb.

So when Abigail came along I told "all the moms" (in my head only of course) to go take a hike.  I'll sign Abigail up for swimming lessons when I'm good and ready.

Well, she's eight.  Almost eight and a half.

And she's ready to learn how to swim.

Better than that, I suppose I'm finally ready.

At the end of this past summer it panged my heart to see her still being held by her daddy around the town pool.  I still knew that I did the right thing.  For the first eight years of her life she was not ready.  We had a lot of health issues with her to deal with and she was not physically 'ready' to learn to swim.

But I knew at the end of this past summer that it was time.  She WANTED to swim.  I could just tell.
So today was her very first lesson.

And she was beaming.  Not at all fearful.  Ready.  Doing everything her sweet instructor told her to do.  She loved every single minute.

I'm so glad I know now to not listen at all to "all the moms".  I do what's in my heart, what's best for my daughters, and what is best for our little family.

PS ~ I didn't teach her to pose like that.  But beaming, she is!



  1. Yes, you do. And doesn't it feel wonderful??
    Who knows our babes better than we do?
    And, I'm not sure, but I think I recognize that pose. : )

  2. You will definitely know when your child is ready. Now, I am a HUGE HUGE believer in knowing how to swim, it is a life saving need. At the same time, when the child is ready, the child will learn :)

    I hope she enjoys every minute of it!


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