Monday, October 5, 2015


Music (which also happens to be a powerful video)

One of my favorite things is to turn off the seasonal kitchen tree lights, lock the door and walk up the stairs to our bed.   The counters are all wiped down and the kitchen is closed for the night.  The last of the piles of 'stuff' is picked up and put back (or almost back) to where it belongs.  I look forward to talking with Scott and feeling deep peace.  There is contentment in the tiredness of the day.  The feeling that above all I served God in my little 'assignment' He has me in.  Raising these girls of ours, loving Scott, learning and growing in my own faith, that is where He has me.  (and teaching reading to sweet little ones in the school I'm in)

My assignment.  It sounds like a powerful word.  But it's simple, really. I pray, He answers, and I do what He asks.

Sometimes I want for something different.  Like a baby on my hip again.  Sometimes I try to convince God that I could do it again.  Sometimes I ask the way Abigail wines and asks for a new toy or more playtime at the end of the night.  Sometimes I think if I ask enough He'll move and we'll be on our way back to China. But more than 'getting my way' I want what He wants for my life.  I want that deeply.  And I have that.

There's comfort, really, in knowing my assignment for today.  Just for today.  It feels good to know that being their mother and his wife is wooooonderful.  I want for nothing and I can't wait to start each day a new doing what God has for me to do.

So this weekend, thank you for your prayers.  It was beautiful. And next time in the spring I'll take pictures.  This time you'll just have to believe me.  Although it was an engaged/ marriage prep day it was wonderfully a marriage retreat day for Scott and I.  We sat though and often times I was on the edge of my chair during the talks on communication, spirituality, intimacy, faith, finances.

One of my favorite parts was when we were in the church.  Fr. Tom asked us all to come up to the alter. Stand facing our spouse, hold hands, and whisper the answers of his questions to each other.  It was sacred standing up on that altar.

From 9 am to 4 pm we had the retreat, then all of the couples and the team attended the afternoon Mass.  Back in the Urban center after Mass there was a reception.  Anna and Abigail met us at the Mass and were there in the Urban center after.  Anna snapped this of the candle lit closing prayer of the day.


And this is what my happy girls were doing all day with Grandma and Grandpa.  Yes, the perfect day.



On Sunday we attended/participated in the Family Program at our Parish. It was three hours of wonderfulness. And our presenter asked for everyone to take a selfie and send it to her so that she could get to know everyone. So here we are...



It was an inspirational weekend for sure. I am grateful to God for sure.


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