Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Very Last Tooth

As all parents do, we've gone through many stages and ages with our girls. Obviously, more with Anna since she's older.

Some new phases come so slowly you don't even realize that it was 'the last' of something until months or even years later when it dawns on you that "wait! Anna doesn't do that anymore!"

But this one came suddenly and honesty stopped my world for a moment.

(2009... first grade)

Last week the girls had to have a tooth pulled. (pre braces stuff)

They did great!

I sat with Abigail during the tooth pulling ordeal

And Scott sat with Anna during hers.

It was only when Anna came home that she told me. "It was my last tooth out mama."

Wait!! What??

I wasn't prepared for that. If I knew there would have been many more pictures in that dentist office.

All night I kept thinking... really? She's never going to come running into the kitchen saying "I lost a tooth!" Really? It's over? Last Tooth Fairy visit for her? I can't stand it!



That was last week. Luckily, for my family. I grieved that last tooth and moved on.

This happened in the morning of the tooth pulls so that they had something to look forward to playing when they got home.



I think I squealed in the toy store when I found this!


So the girls went to school for the morning and then we picked them up. I sat with Abigail through Novocain and her tooth pulled. Scott sat with Anna through Novocain and her tooth pulled. They did great. And that night the tooth fairy came!


  1. So sweet!! Love their smiles. I wrote a post today about why we homeschool :-) I know you had asked awhile ago. Have a wonderful day!!


  2. That dental Calico Critters! Oh my gosh!


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