Wednesday, October 21, 2015

After Mass

Once a month, after Mass my girls are a part of the Youth Rosary Group.  It has been amazing for them.  It began this summer and they are learning all the parts of the Rosary.  They are even making their own rosary beads.  Taught by a dedicated, beautiful person (one I'd never met in our parish) who is lovely, calm, and peaceful.  Often toward the end, Fr Sid will join in to see how the learning is going.  Eventually, during their time together they will be praying the Rosary.  I so do appreciate that their teacher is going slow and taking it one (holy) step at a time.  And they are soaking it up.

This is a tiny chapel in the back of our church.  And this is where we meet.


"God has no difficulty in being understood by children and children have no trouble in understanding God. It isn't by chance that in the gospels, Jesus speaks beautiful and strong words about the 'little ones'. All persons, particularly children are a treasure because they constantly remind us of the necessary condition for entering the Kingdom of God; that we must not consider ourselves self-sufficient, but in need of help, of love, and of forgiveness." ~Pope Francis


  1. This is lovely...
    And I love it.
    The rosary was always a major part of my family growing up, and continues to this day. : )

  2. Oh what a wonderful class. I love that they are making one of their own. The rosary is such a sacred part of our religion. I have one in my china cabenit that my great great maybe great parents parents brought with them when they moved to the US.