Thursday, October 1, 2015

Coming Up

This weekend I could really use your prayers.  For the first time Scott and I are part of the Marriage Prep Team at our church.  It's all day Saturday, starting at 9am.  After many sessions, talks, teachings (and lunch) we attend the 4:00 Mass together and then back to the Franciscan Center for wine and cheese. 

I'm excited about spending the day with Scott, especially since our 'theme for the day' is marriage.  I know that its to prepare engaged couples but we could really use a refresher in so many of the talk topics ourselves! 

Guess what though?  We're not at all ready.  Our talk, "blending two families" has only been touched on while drying dished, putting girls to sleep, and making lunches for the next day.  This week Scott had "events" at his school every. single. night.  And Friday night he has Physical Therapy for his back.  Sooooo we'll have to pretend we're back in college and 'pull an all nighter' on Friday night to prepare.  See?  I need prayer! 

Here's what is done... our bio for the program.  It's only done because it was due last week.  It was weird and kinda funny to fit the past almost twenty years of marriage into a few paragraphs. 

I'd rather have just given them a link to this blog but thought that might have been too long!  :)

Scott and Tara Baker

Scott and Tara met and began getting to know each other in high school.  They dated in college and both became teachers.  They were married in 1996 by their beloved college priest and started their journey of life together nearly twenty years ago.  In 2002 God began to open their hearts toward the miracle of adoption and in 2004 they traveled to Chongqing, China to meet their baby girl.  Three years later they welcomed a second daughter into their family, this time through the miracle of birth.  They feel so blessed to have been given the gift and the joy of knowing both adoption and birth.  Tara left teaching ten years ago to stay home raising their girls and Scott became an elementary school principal.  During this time their youngest daughter was diagnosed with a digestive disease; a chronic disease that brings many hospital visits and special care at home to avoid the pain associated with it.  They have learned and grown in more ways through this and other challenges in being parents.  Now that their children are no longer so little, Tara has returned to part time teaching.  Their daily lives are full of the fun and adventure that a busy family brings.   And although their family journey was not what they would have guessed standing at the altar nearly twenty years ago they can only look back with complete gratitude knowing God’s hand was guiding their steps and directing their paths.  


  1. You can do this! You two have a wonderful marriage and have so much to share with young couples. I will be praying for you! Can't wait to hear how it went...

  2. If anyone...anyone...can do this, it would be you and your Scott.
    Prayers my friend..
    And how blessed are those young people to have you two as mentors and prayer partners?!?!

  3. You guys will be amazing! Faith and love, you have plenty of that to go around, you got this! ;-)
    Have a great weekend!


  4. Ok. I'm super duper behind on my blog reading and obviously late on this prayer request, but I do pray it went well. For some reason I believe it did. ;)


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