Thursday, August 28, 2014

Graduation ~ Last Post


Anna had a wonderful June filled with special events.

She played at the Bushnell.

She graduated from elementary school. (here) and (here)  and (here)

She turned eleven.

With so much to celebrate back in June we just couldn't fit in a graduation party. So we had a little grandparents pie party just last week before school started.


Even though Scott and I gave her her music stand as a surprise gift on the last day I knew I wanted to give her one more gift; a video of her days at elementary school. Mostly because I love this song. (I first heard in cleaning my kitchen one day back in the spring and thought... wow... this would make an awesome graduation movie)  but also because I adore her!

So we sat and watched her movie.

And ate pie.



It was another easy party around my kitchen table. I added a few things from her Kindergarten bin.


(story about a wigglie tooth... and word of the day "mommy")

3 4 collage

Oh and this first grade butterfly




And grandma stayed and played the ever popular "Mermaid Island" until it was time to say goodnight.


At first I was going to do an "all out" pinterest party with an Owl theme since owls are the mascot of her elementary school.  But you know what?  Our little pie party and a movie was just perfect!


Last time baby I can say this... happy graduation.  We are over the moon proud of you!


  1. i think you pie party was just perfect too!! who needs pinterest!:)
    loved loved LOVED the video. and i know anna did too. i can see that little kindergartner still....
    have a happy day tara

    i wanna play mermaid island again

    what's that super cute bee picture in your kitchen window?!?!:)

  2. Tara, I wish every single child in the world would experience the love that you have in your heart and home...

    And you know I would have invited myself to that perfect party if only I didn't live hours away, right?

    Love your middle school girl! : )


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