Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ten Years Ago Today (The Story of Anna, part 4)

I sooooooo want to skip ahead to August 16, 2004... the day we adopted Anna but I can't because than I can't say "ten years ago today".

Hold on friends... there is such good stuff coming.  Yummy, delishish mommy and daddy falling in love with a Chinese baby coming.  Really it is.  You just have to keep reading until August 16th!

Oh and I have so many cool surprises for you.  Scott has been helping me at night (I always have these grand ideas that pop into my head on this hardest work week out of the whole year... the week before he opens his elementary school for the first day.)  But he's awesome and he puts up with me.  He tells me that no one will care to watch raw videos of me rocking Anna to sleep at 5:30 in the morning.  But I told him... no way!  Cindy, Billie Jo and Kelli have been waiting to watch these like their whole lives!  Ha!  Not to mention that I don't think the Grandmas have ever seen all this wonderful raw video!

Just wait!  But for now:


Ten years ago today

I was in China.

With my adorable husband whom I was married to at that point for a wee bit over eight years.

Our hearts were open for so much of those years for a baby but God wasn't ready yet.

So, ten years ago today I was across the world and oh so close to my baby girl.  I just had to make it a few more days.

That morning I ate a breakfast of two hard boiled eggs because... well... that would be my best meal of the day so I went 'all out' (can you hear the sarcasm, right?) I was afraid to drink the tea and I knew better than to drink the OJ.  So I had warm bottled water.

Our tour bus was waiting outside the hotel and our Chinese guide.  That day we toured the Summer Palace, rode the dragon boat, toured the water garden and had a lovely lunch (yuck!).

We went to a Pearl factory (be still my heart) There are no photos of me there because it was so good we video taped me shopping for pearls! That afternoon we visited the Great Wall of China.












Just one more day in Beijing and then Adoption Day!


  1. Hi...ummmm...Scott?
    I know you are busy and all.
    But this here lady would love to see those videos?
    Please. ; )

  2. Yes I want to read and see it all!! Us mommas love this stuff! Especially when it involves a sweet family like your family.
    I love all the beautiful pictures in your post today. Such a beautiful country!
    Hope you had a great Wednesday. Two of my babies went back to school today and I cried myself to sleep last night.

  3. yep...sorry scott...i second and third those comments...bring on the videos...i know you can do it!!:)

    such beautiful pictures tara...even back then you were rockin the camera!:)

    i would be so freaked out about not drinking the water! and you know me and my water!:) haha

    have a happy day tara


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