Wednesday, August 6, 2014

He Loves Me (Anniversary)

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not... He Loves Me!

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Just a few pictures from our Anniversary back in July. I talked about it back here but had to include these too.

Cookin in the kitchen and in walks handsome and roses. (oh no..... I won't put this on the blog)


I would never put a kissing picture on the blog... I added a haze... does that tame it down a bit?  (2011)  But I had to put this in because I promised I wouldn't and my hair was rockin awesome that day, wasn't it?  Or maybe it's because I was three years younger.  By the way... we don't usually kiss in the woods in front of a tripod and my camera on a timer... only on Anniversaries (you can hear the humor, right?)


Okay, back to 2014

And be still my heart; he came in with roses for my little girls too!


Look at that sparkle in his daughters eyes when she realized that she got roses for the anniversary too! Oh and look at that mixer in the background... something yummy for dessert perhaps but I don't remember what.


This taken by Anna on our 18 years special day

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Oh yeah, he loves me... he loves me not... he loves me!

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  1. i agree...he does love you!!:)
    please hang THAT picture somewhere!! or maybe in scott's office?!?!?!;)
    have a happy day tara