Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ten Years Ago Today... In Love (The Story of Anna, part 7)

Oh my goodness... I've watched these raw footage videos so many times. It's watching myself fall in love.

After that first night she woke up at 5:30 and oh my goodness it was the greatest feeling in the world to hold her and rock her in my arms in that hotel room.  We called her Jiang Jiang like she was called in the orphanage... it just didn't feel right to call her Anna for a long time.

We ran the video constantly in China. Thank goodness. I'm having so much fun watching hours and hours and hours of raw footage that didn't make the videos that Scott put together with music. This one is so precious to me.

And getting her dressed for the very first time that morning. "She's so pretty... look at her!"  She had such a beautiful face I couldn't get over it.  Even as I type I keep staring at her face.  The music you hear is the same music she listens to still every single night.  We brought CDs and speakers and had music going all the time.  Princess lullabies, Raffi, and Chinese childrens music that we bought there.

Are you getting tired of China videos? Someday I'll fill you in on what's really going on around here but for now I just can pull myself away from her mess of dark hair, those cheeks, and oh my goodness, did you see those eyes? Those eyes!


  1. Thank you.
    Thank you for these.
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul.
    I feel it.
    I feel the joy from deep within you, Tara.
    I cried when I watched these.
    I felt I was witnessing the culmination of the long journey.
    The realization of your dream.
    And that made me so happy.
    Hug your man for me, would you?
    He did mighty fine. : )

  2. all those moments on film
    i love it!
    thank you for sharing them with us scott!!:)