Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ten Years Ago Today (The Story of Anna, part 5)

Ten years ago today I was one day closer.

I was in China. And our day was packed. The Forbidden City. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, Emperors gardens







I can remember thinking here... I'm done listening.  I'm done with the touring.  Can we just get on with the point of our trip?


The best part of our day was boarding a plane at night to fly to the middle of China. We left Beijing to land in Chongqing. And do you know what? Right outside the huge city of Chongqing where we'd be staying (2 hours away) is a rural area called Diangqian. And in that rural area there is an orphanage. And in that orphanage, is a crib.  And in that crib was a baby girl. (oh man, I can still feel that heart pounding one more day feeling)



And that night when I went to sleep it was just one more day! Oh it gets so good tomorrow and the day after... promise... just stay with me!  Tomorrow is the story of the day we hold Anna.  Miracle day!

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh that song!!!!!:)
    you had me at that song!
    what a beautiful country and i can imagine the feeling you had that night sleeping in a bed with a crib right next to you...chills!!!
    can't wait till tomorrow!!


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