Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcome April

It's pouring rain outside.  And it's dark.  So I have to make this quick.  You see, I adore the pouring rain at night.  After my girls are all tucked in bed and I have my coziest pajamas on, a huge mug of raspberry herbal tea, and a book.  Rain just makes it perfection. 


You see, anywhere else in my house there are always things to do.  My house is my 'job' so there's always a pile to tend to, a dish to put away, a thing here or there to straighten but in bed I'm done for the day... done!  So when it's rainy I'm in heaven because it's cozy extreme...

This was a tough week.  You know when your kids are sick how that is.  There's worry, there's exhaustion, there's life just stops as you tend to them.  But there's joy in it too.  I love that kind of mothering.  As long as I know that eventually they'll be okay.  Both of my girls had (and one still has) a horrible virus.  I'd never seen their temps that high.  We were reaching 104.9 and for days and days and days. 


So there was no school for them this week.  (Anna made it in today) And now is April vacation week so no school for this Holy Week coming.  Perfect since I don't think they could rally back into real life just yet. 

It was funny really.  I was getting my hair done and the color was almost all in when I got a call from the nurse.  So it all washed off, all that color (boo hoo) down the drain.  And I left that day with roots still showing galore.  (and sopping wet hair)  Funny I tell you, funny! 

This was last weekend.  My dad directs and produces musicals for middle school children.  They're amazing. He's amazing... what he can do for children.  Some day, I'll have to tell more like how I grew up being in his musicals.  Or how we danced at my Wedding to a Broadway musical waaaay before all that youtube crazy daughter/father dances started.  So here's The Little Mermaid.  (Quite a transition from tea and cozy rain, right?)




collage 4 25




vertical photo with splash of color


And now I'm off to listen to the rain fall just outside my bedroom window with a mug of tea in my hands.  Happy Friday friends, Happy Friday! 


  1. Oh Tara I am so sorry your girls,have been sick. Those days are the longest...they are filled with such worry. Mi do not like when they have high temps.

    I would love to hear about your growing up and your wedding!

    I hope you are able to enjoy your warm tea and the comfort of your bed tonight.

  2. My friend...
    You snuggle in with that tea and book...
    After this week, you deserve it!
    Glad your girls are on the mend, and you have a week off to enjoy.
    Same here...we are thrilled!
    And your father? He is amazing!
    Blessings and hugs, my sweet friend!


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