Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out Like a Lion

I'm happy that my calendar officially flipped to April. March was a tough month for us here in our house. Abigail's endoscopy left us worried, frustrated, and upset. But the sunshine is out now. And just the tad of spring we have feels oh so good.

I have to share these pictures with you. On the last day of March (Monday) I looked out my kitchen window and saw pretty flakes falling down. Of course I grabbed my camera and woke up the girls for school to show them. So pretty.


Well, so pretty turned to this in minutes (outside my bedroom window)



And Monday is my crazy morning. I drive Anna to school 45 minutes early so she can play in the school orchestra. (Abigail with me) And the when we're home for about 20 minutes turn right back to bring Abigail to the school.

We got about 4 inches in an hour. It was crazy visibility and the worst driving this winter.


Boy am I the snow is gone for good!


  1. It is nice to see the flakes falling. Wonderful capture of them.
    Take care while driving through the snow!

  2. Beautiful pictures Tara!
    I hope you are getting some warmer weather..

  3. this was our worst winter yet!!
    so glad that today it's 70!!!:)


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