Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have to tell you that you might want to come back to my blog... let's say.. in June.  You might just get tired of the black skirts and white blouses (although this is a new concert blouse... thanks Mom) that are all about our spring and lots of concerts.  But I have to put them here because I'll forget how they made my heart swell.  So if you need a great recipe, ideas on how to decorate your home, or just a place to make you feel better after reading, you'll have to visit my friend, Billie Jo who will have all of that (and more) for you.  For now I have to keep up with what's up around here...

(little hand in daddy's... that's heart swelling enough for me... who needs the concert?)
(and can I add that little ankle lace socks and patten leathers make me happy... these are a few of my favorite things... I know I'm stretching it with an almost eleven year old... don't tell her that she's getting too old for them okay?)


Last Saturday night Anna played her viola at the Bushnell.


 She played with her school ensemble (other fifth graders who play strings)  It was a for a cocktail party/benefit.  The tickets were waaaay to expensive for Scott and I and we really just wanted to hear her play.  But we (even Abigail) got all dressed up to sneak in the back behind all of the black tie people to hear her group play and to hear our hearts swell just a little bit more.

(her concentrating face) 

We were proud... and she was relieved it was over.





  1. Tara...
    You are the sweetest. : )
    And I never ever tire of these beautiful posts about your lovely girls!
    In fact, I live vicariously through you, you know...
    My world doesn't include gifted musicians who practice so hard and play at amazing artistic places while dressed impeccably...
    I am thankful and glad to share these magical, proud, happy mommy moments with you, my sweet far away friend. : )

  2. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful girls and family! We have Nicolas school concert next week and I am so looking forward to it...black pants and white shirt. :)
    Have a wonderful day!