Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Christmas in April

My Mom finally got to enjoy her Christmas present today.. in April! I gave her a day at the spa with me waaaay back in December. Our first date reservation got snowed out and so here we were in April.

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There are no photos allowed to be taken at the spa but this area (tea time) wasn't exactly in the spa and I had to snap one!

A massage, the hot tub, reading, talking, relaxing, lunch and tea time (all in big, fluffy bathrobes) It was wonderful!

While I was gone today Scott had a daddy day with his girls! He took them to as Anna calls it "a professional art store" and I made sure he snapped a few phone pictures to send me during the day.

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And now I'm back where I belong (as Billie Jo would fondly say) at home with my family. (and I have to add, vacuuming up red and silver glitter off of the playroom carpet!

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  1. Love.
    And you knew I would, right?
    What a wonderful day for both of you, my friend.
    And yes...you had a wonderful time, but are indeed back where you belong. : )


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