Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Outing

Woke up to snow this morning! Now that has to be some sort of record!


And worked in the morning trying to help these girls catch up on their school work since they were out sick for a week last week


And then another outing! (which helped them to hurry along with their work)

I hesitate to post pictures today (notice I called them pictures and not photos?) Yes, that's because I only brought along my little point and shoot mini camera.  Yuck!  I'm so used to the big one and the quality photos it gives me.  Anyway, these photos don't do this place justice.  Please, please, please if you ever find yourself in Massachusetts you must to go Kringle Candle.  Even if you're not a candle person.  It's not all about the candles.  (but those are ammmmmazing, best I've ever had)

It's really about my little girls so excited for the drive (we live an hour from here)


It's about the Farm Table restaurant.  The food far outdoes the spa lunch from yesterday or anywhere I've ever eaten out. 


Anna's gourmet hot chocolate


Picture gorgeous buildings, roaring fireplaces, cozy chairs, and simple, scrumptious meals.  Picture the pot of "afternoon apricot" tea I had and the sweetest little jar of honey to add to the tea. 

Picture the "Christmas Barn" with home things so pretty I could have closed my eyes and gone home thrilled with whatever my hands landed on.





Picture the "Toy Loft"  wooden toys, toys you just don't find anymore.  Picture beautiful hardcover children's books. 



Picture a little "Chocolate Cottage" on the grounds.  I had brought from home a treat for Abigail since I knew that nothing in a chocolate cottage would be 'not allergic'.  But then we rounded the corner in this sweet little place and GUESS WHAT???? 

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw two little chocolate bars made by the company "Enjoy Life" (the only safe treat we can buy for her).  She screamed.  I cried and she savored it. 


This place is lovely and beautiful.  It's a shop / restaurant that Scott and I always say when we visit, "it seems that this was someone's dream... to build a place like this.  They spared no expense". 

Seriously, even the bathroom in the restaurant is beautiful. 

Okay, have I gone on enough?  It seriously was a lovely day. 


  1. ...And now I know the very first place we will be visiting when we finally meet up. You know it IS going to happen, right?!?!?

    Hugs, my friend! So happy for Abigail and her treat. : )

  2. Such a cute town and the store oh my! I have only been using my iphone for pictures the last month because our camera has been in the shop. I will not have it back by Easter :(

    Oh the picture of Abigail is so sweet.