Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Things

This is why I started blogging.  It wasn't for the perfect and beautiful photo shoot type posts.  But the snapshots I captured throughout my week that I love the most.  They are the real ones that will remind me of life at home raising two daughters.  Soooo here are a few simple things I found on my camera lately...

Simply just trying to say goodbye to this teacher helper on his last day without tears. 


Simply fun.  I volunteer every Friday for Math centers and then stay for lunch with Abigail (= heaven by the way) and her first grade teacher was having them to a conga line dance party to celebrate some awesome math things. I just happened to have my camera!

2 collage

Simple rainy day and a new umbrella for Anna

3 collage

Simply trying to avoid the direction I said loud and clear to clean up before bedtime. This little one gets soooo distracted by anything in front of her. But sitting in her footie jammies reading library books... who could get upset at that?


Simple messes from girls playing with their imaginations running wild





Simply happy that messes always include baby dolls for Abigail. 


"For it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all..." Laura Ingalls Wilder.


  1. I love taking pictures of ordinary everyday things or messes as well. I know that one day I will want to look back and be reminded of how life once was.

  2. oh you r"messes" seem to contain the things our do...babies and hair accessories!!:) if i had a $ for every one i pick up off the floor each day i'd be a rich woman! but i guess i kind of already am!!!:)
    and the library book thing....they know us ya know! they know it's the sure fire way to "buy" a few extra moments awake...READ!!!:)
    have a happy day tara